The Student Assessment Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) seeks to achieve Qatar Vision 2030 in commitment to sustainable human development, by issuing and implementing modern assessment policies and strategies that aim to improve educational quality, evaluate students' performance, and provide feedback that helps them make informed decisions about their academic and professional path. 


Students are subject to various types of evaluation during their academic path: (structural classroom assessment of all kinds, quarterly tests, secondary certificate tests in addition to achievement and international tests) to determine the level of their academic achievement, and identify strengths and shortcomings, to develop appropriate remedial and enrichment plans according to modern scientific foundations.


Pursuant to Article (1) of Emiri Resolution No. (35) of 2022 Concerning the Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education


The Student Evaluation Department shall have the following competencies:

·        Proposing the annual school calendar, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.

·        Developing and implementing a student evaluation system in all schools to measure the achievement of abilities, skills and the enhancement of students' performance.

·        Developing policies and procedures for standardizing the pattern of local tests for the main subjects at all educational levels, and conduct tests according to approved standards, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.

·        Conducting internationally accredited tests periodically, in coordination with the competent international organizations.

·        Analyzing, monitoring and introduce students' results in tests of all types.

·        Preparing and issuing the necessary reports on the level and results of students on a regular basis, and providing the concerned administrative units with such reports.


According to the Ministerial Decision, the Student Evaluation Department consists of the following sections:

1.     Tests Affairs Section

2.     Literacy Subjects Evaluation Section

3.      Scientific Subjects Evaluation Section

4.    Early Education Evaluation Section

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