The Scholarships Department supervises the scholarship process for students willing to pursue study for the pre-university stage (e.g., diploma), undergraduate (bachelor's), and postgraduate studies at the expense of the state, and this study is either inside or outside the State of Qatar, based on a set of policies and strategies that regulate the scholarship process, starting from registration in the student's e-system up to signing of the scholarship student's contract and ending with the graduation statement, under the supervision and follow-up of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the State of Qatar.


Scholarship Programs

·        Academic Bridge:

The Academic Bridge Program (ABP), an affiliate of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, aims to equip high school graduates in Qatar with the academic and soft skills to attend English-language institutions for study in Qatar.


·        Diploma Degree:

A professional or intermediate diploma degree is granted by the university to the student in a specific specialization for a period of two or three years inside or outside the State of Qatar according to certain terms and condtions, and it is possible to continue studying to obtain a university bachelor's degree according to the conditions of (inclusion in the scholarship).


·        Bachelor's Degree:

The university degree is awarded to graduates of universities or colleges, which provides students with various opportunities to enter various jobs inside and outside the State of Qatar based on the skills and knowledge they have received on the campuses of these universities and colleges.


·        Bachelor's degree ("Tomouh" program/ for "Education" graduates):

The "Tomouh" scholarship program is a program that encourages holders of a high school diploma to join the teaching profession after graduation from the College of Education at Qatar University.


·        Bachelor's Degree/Inclusion:

Accepting the student studying at his own expense on the scholarships of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) after fulfilling the terms and conditions of annexation inside or outside the State of Qatar.


·        Postgraduate:

The postgraduate comes after the completion of a bachelor's degree, through which the student studies a master's and then a doctorate, which includes providing useful scientific research and is considered an advanced stage of study in various disciplines inside or outside the State of Qatar.


·        Language Program for Non-English Speaking Countries:

It is a scholarship that aims to support the student to study a language of a non-English speaking country, to continue university education, and to obtain a bachelor's degree in the language of the country of scholarship outside the State of Qatar.


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