The Curriculum and Learning Resources Department is responsible for the following:


1- Preparing and developing the general framework of curricula for various subjects and disciplines in the different stages of education in light of the Ministry's policy and approved educational objectives.


2- Developing curriculum standards, and integrating the standards and foundations of scientific research into various subjects.


3- Determine the themes of the subjects and the relative weight of each subject.


4- Developing textbooks, materials, educational guides, and learning resources associated with the curriculum.


5- following up on the process of writing textbooks and educational materials.


6- Proposing the budget for writing and printing textbooks.


7- Supervising the printing process of books, and ensuring their quality and conformity to specifications.


8- Proposing the development of educational means and programs supporting curricula, and diversifying learning resources.


9- Following up on the application of curriculum standards and educational materials in schools.


10- Establishing development plans for learning resource centers in schools.


11- Supervising the activities of research in public schools, and spreading scientific research activities among students of private schools.


12- Collaborating with schools to support innovation and talented students.

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