The Tests Affairs Section is concerned with the implementation and development of test procedures of various types as tools that measure the extent of students' academic achievement and draw the way for the educational field so that it can design, implement, and modify its plans to ensure raising the level of students' academic achievement.


The Tests Affairs Section is responsible for:

·        Developing and implementing the necessary policies and procedures to standardize the pattern of local tests for the main subjects at all educational stages.


·        Coordinating with international partners to agree on schools and students to be involved in tests, and plan tests in cooperation with international partners.


·        Preparing local tests in accordance with the approved standards, in coordination with the concerned administrative units, and conducting accredited international tests periodically, in coordination with the competent international organizations.


·        Reviewing international tests to ensure their compliance with the requirements of the country, translate tests, and ensure that they are printed and distributed in coordination with the concerned administrative units.


·        Conducting analysis of international tests in cooperation with the concerned international institutions.


·        Verifying the quality of grading procedures and extracting the results of students' tests in schools.


·        Collect tests and documents necessary to present results to international partners, conduct questionnaires, and analyze test results.


·        Proposing the annual academic calendar in coordination with the competent administrative units.

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