The Early Education Assessment Section of the Student Evaluation Department is concerned with following up and developing the assessment and measurement tools that students of  grade 1 and 2, and cycles1 and 2 undergo throughout the academic year in order to achieve Qatar Vision 2030, by reviewing tests specifications tables, and preparing all related templates and supporting documents for the midterm and end of the first term tests, and the mid and end of the second term tests for grade 1 and 2. Cycles tests for the end of the first term and the end of the second term, and the preparation of placement tests for grade 1 and 2, and cycles   1 and 2 and the estimation of their grades, through the application of the evaluation policy and Ministerial Decision No. (14) of 2018 according to the following assessment tools:


·        Constructive evaluation tools (short classroom assessments, classroom participation and activities, assignments and assignments, project).


·        Midterm and end tests of each term.


·        Achievement tests for the third grade at the end of the second term, in the subject studied by the student during the second term, in the subjects of Arabic language, English language, mathematics, general sciences, Islamic education, and social studies.

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