The Department of Early Years Education has been keen to design thoroughly considered programs and projects that ensure and facilitate ongoing education for our children in the kindergarten and foundation stage, drawing on expertise of best teachers and coordinators, especially in the area of curriculum, educational values and the development of positive attitudes, with a focus on their cognitive growth, and the development of educational and professional practices contribute to achieving the Department’s general objectives, to ensure quality teaching and learning.


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has developed an integrated foundation curriculum for early years education, which includes kindergartens and the Grades 1 and 2 of the primary stage. Students’ age in early years spans from 4 to 7 years, and this stage aims for instilling innovation, proactiveness and active participation in society from an early age.


Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage comprises Grades 1 and 2 of primary education in all subjects.

·         Teaching methods for the Foundation Stage

The Department of Early Years Education aims to build educated youth capable of unleashing their potential by providing support and guidance, stressing the important role of teachers, in line with the Qatar National Curriculum Framework.

Therefore, the Department of Early Years Education has developed teaching approaches for teaching the following subjects in the foundation stage:

-  Teaching Arabic approach.

-  Teaching Islamic Studies approach.

-   Teaching mathematics approach.

-   Teaching general science approach.

-  Teaching English approach.


·  Guidelines for receiving students at the beginning of the academic year in the Foundation Stage

The Department of Early Years Education seeks to raise parents’ awareness and urge them to send their children on the first day of school, because of the positive impact on the student's psychology, performance, and behavior in the school and socially.


·         Foundation Stage Recreational Day

The Department believes in the importance of learning through play and exposing students to real life situations and different experiences, Therefore, the Department introduced the "Recreational Day" as appropriate to their age and requirements and allows them to break their daily routine.

The "Recreational Day" aims to put in practice the skills learnt from the lessons and apply them in new life situations, develop social communication skills among students, develop values, sense of belonging and patriotism, promote student strong personality and boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Recreational Days also focus on the following areas: global cultures, healthy food, caring for agriculture (Let's Plant), and recycling.


·  Fluency and Memorization Verbal Prayers (Supplications) Competition for the Foundation Stage

The Department seeks to equip students with proficiency in Arabic language skills and commitment to the ethics of the Islamic faith in the State of Qatar, hence the idea of adopting the fluency competition (Read Fluently) for both Arabic and English, and the competition (Memorizing Verbal Prayers / Supplications) for Islamic Studies.


·         "Future Inventor" Competition for the Foundation Stage

The Department introduced the "Future Inventor" competition for Grade 2 students to promote their critical and creative thinking skills in the foundation stage by fostering research and exploring skill to obtain information and theories.


·         School Trip Guide (Kashta)

The Department of Early Years Education has issued a guide for school trips for the foundation stage. School trips aim to develop students' mental abilities and skills, facilitate their access to information and knowledge through activities, excursions, and field visits to nature. Trips also seek to shift from lecturing to active applied learning in students' learning that would have an impact outside the classroom.


·         Student Assessment in the Foundation Stage:

The Department of Early Years Education has issued the "Foundation Stage Assessment Policy Guide", which represents the broad outlines and general framework for assessment and evaluation in the curricula of the State of Qatar.




The purview of the kindergarten stage includes children from age 4 to age 5 and aims to create learning opportunities that meet their needs as appropriate to their age group, by providing them with meaningful play, equipping them with skills and experiences through self-learning, and ensuring a safe, innovative, and high-quality learning environment for them.

·         Kindergarten Resources

Stories, kindergarten guidebook, unit guide for learning corners, kindergarten supporting online resources, "pen holding skills" booklet, children's reception instructions, and teacher's guide to weekly planning for kindergarten.


 Channels of distance learning lessons

Distance learning lessons are available on the Ministry's YouTube channel for kindergarten and for Grades 1 and 2 students of the foundation stage.

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