The Literary Subjects Evaluation Section of the Student Evaluation Department is concerned with following up and developing the evaluation and measurement tools that students undergo throughout the academic year in order to achieve Qatar Vision 2030 by reviewing the specifications tables for literary subjects, as well as preparing and implementing achievement tests for the articulated grades (3, 6, and 9) in literary subjects (Arabic language, English language, Islamic education, and social studies), as well as evaluating the level of achievement of students with additional support for the secondary certificate (alternative test) and preparing certificate tests. General secondary school for day and parallel students and adult education for scientific subjects (Arabic language, English language, Islamic Education, History, and Geography), supervising its committees, following up on their procedures, estimating test scores in them, as well as preparing placement tests for all educational levels, aptitude tests, and estimating their grades.


The Literary Subjects Evaluation Section is responsible for the following:

·        Identifying and implementing a student evaluation system in all schools to measure the extent to which competencies are achieved.

·        Using the results of standardized tests, prepare an analysis of student achievement and performance in relation to each subject, and make recommendations.

·        Preparing preliminary reports on students who are subject to evaluation.

·        Evaluating the improvement of students facing learning, emotional and behavioral difficulties, students with disabilities, and gifted and talented students and their development in coordination with the concerned administrative units.


Subjects evaluated by the Literary Materials Evaluation Section are:

اعدادات الموقع
اعدادات الخط

امكانية الوصول
عرض جميع الاشعارات
مشاهدة الكل